Alphen aan den Rijn, 2 augustus 2017

Back to school / Back to work

After a well-deserved and relaxing holiday the time has come to prepare yourself for the new school year or your first day at work. There are a few items that should be part of your school or work equipment:

Terug de boeken in - Powerbank 2600mAh
Terug de boeken in - Powerbank 4400mAh
Terug de boeken in - Powerbank 8000mAh

Important travel companions: power banks

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are a necessity of life when it comes to doing homework, keeping track of all your appointments, doing research for work, etc. A dead battery is something you want to avoid at all times!

Power banks are handy accessories that enable you to charge your device when you are on the road without access to a power socket. These handy travel companions are available in several colours, designs and capacities.

GRIXX offers a complete range for almost every application. In order to pick the right product, you need to know the power requirement (mAh, mill ampere hour) of your devices. If your smartphone is using, for example, a capacity of 1000mAh, you can extend the battery with 2 to 3 hours if your purchase a power bank with a capacitiy of 2600mAh. For charging mobile devices that need more power, such as tablets and laptops, we advise you to pick a power bank with higher power capacities. Click here for our power bank products.

Terug de boeken in - 30-Pin oplaadkabel
Terug de boeken in - 8-Pin oplaadkabel
Terug de boeken in - Micro-USB oplaadkabel

Always keep an extra cable at hand

You finally found a free power socket but then you come to the conclusion that you have forgotten to bring your charging cable. Most annoying! We advise you to always keep an extra cable in your bag.

GRIXX offers a complete range of durable cables for charging and synchronizing your device. Our cables are enveloped by nylon making them more firm and reducing the risk of fractures. Aluminium connectors ensure the most optimum conduction. Click here for our portfolio of charging cables.

Terug de boeken in - Retro headphones
Terug de boeken in - In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
Terug de boeken in - Happy Color Headphones

Enjoy your favourite music

Another indispensable item are a good set of headphones for listening to your favourite music. Grixx offers several in-ear and over band headphones in different colours and designs, wired and wireless, with and without microphone. Click here for an overview of GRIXX headphones.

These are just a few items that can make your life at school and work a bit more enjoyable.