GRIXX stands for quality and durability

That sounds good! GRIXX Optimum stands for quality and durability. But what does this mean fort he consumer? Why should you order a accessorie of GRIXX while there’s a lot of competition that also sells cases, chargers and headphones? But GRIXX has something more to offer.

Retro Headphones
World Travel Adapter
Activity Tracker

Stylish Design
GRIXX spends a lot of attention to the design of the products. It must be functional, but also great to look at! You don’t want to walk around with an old-fashioned case and you don’t want to get tangled with chargingcables that don’t work anymore with intensive usage. GRIXX Optimum thought of everything to make it more attractive for the costumer to choose for our wide range of great accessories and gadgets.

The phone cases are stylish as are the headphones GRIXX Optimum has released. Normally, a cable is not a very attractive product, but GRIXX Optimum takes the next step to think about what materials to use and what kind of connectors will fit. For example, the nylon enveloped cables for more flexibility and less chance of fractures.

Quality and durability
Design is important, but the products of GRIXX Optimum are also qualitatively good and sustainable. So you don’t have to buy new products on a regular basis! There’s a two year warranty on all products en you can also get advice from our specialists. You can also contact our specialists if you have any complaints. The products are made of sustainable materials in certified factories, free of child labor and under healthy working environments.

In-Ear Headphones with Microphone Black
In-Ear Sports Headphones Bluetooth

We love service
Unfortunateley GRIXX Optimum has to deal with so called DOA products. But it can also happens that the customer is not completely satisfied with his purchase. We love service, so it’s possible for you to return or swap your products in a certain amount of time. Get a closer look at our general conditions for more info.

What GRIXX Optimum offers
GRIXX Optimum offers a wide range of accessories and gadgets. More than 100 products that are suitable for your smartphone, tablet and PC. In addition, GRIXX Optimum offers handy products. Like the orange world travel adapter that you can use in more than 150 countries! Take a look in our webshop and see what GRIXX Optimum can offer you.

Credit Card Case
Powerbank 2600mAh

Business to business
On the business to business market GRIXX can offer full support. Our sales managers are standing by to help and advice you te get the products in your company, store or webshop. Tailor made plans are made to support in any way possible. From inventory management to display materials, everything is possible! Do you want to know more about the business to business solutions? Contact our specialists today!